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Movie name: Saving Mr. Banks
Release Date: 20 December, 2013
Cast : Colin Farrell, Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks 
Certificates : PG 13 
Director : John Lee Hancock 
Genres : Biography, Comedy, Drama 
Writer : Emma Thompson, John Lee Hancock, Kelly Marcel, Sue Smith

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This film is a couple of illustrious author named Pamela Travers. Pamela’s biggest merchandiser was the female parent Poppins novels. The film is focused round the amount in her life once she stopped writing and Walter Elias Disney unbroken contacting her concerning giving him the film rights to the book. Pamela wasn’t interested and unloved the thought of Walt conveyance female parent to life as she unloved his movies. She isn’t a follower of his animation.
As The Books Stop Selling And Money Grows Short, Travers Reluctantly Agrees To Go To Los Angeles To Hear Disney's Plans For The Adaptation. For Those Two Short Weeks In 1961, Walt Disney Pulls Out All The Stops. Armed With Imaginative Storyboards And Chirpy Songs From The Talented Sherman Brothers, Walt Launches An All-Out Onslaught On P.L. Travers, But The Prickly Author Doesn't Budge. He Soon Begins To Watch Helplessly As Travers Becomes Increasingly Immovable And The Rights Begin To Move Further Away From His Grasp.

She was extremely reluctant to sell Disney the rights to make Mary Poppins into a movie, mainly because the story was highly personal, and reflected hardships in her own life and her relationship with her father. Although the movie made her a very wealthy woman, she disliked the animated sequences and other aspects of the film so much that she refused to sell any of her other works to Disney for the rest of her life.